Kids Room Dividers

Sometimes kids want their privacy, but you just don’t have enough rooms to give each kid their own room. It’s hard to constantly share a space with someone else, and not have an opportunity to have a little alone, or private time. Especially when kids are fighting, or just plain not getting along.

Sometimes you can divide a kids room with a temporary divider to give both kids more space, and the privacy they need. Even if you only use one or two dividers and don’t divide the entire room it can set some boundaries and give kids a sense of space.

Here are a couple kid’s room dividers I found that I thought were kind of cute and easy.

Big screen room divider for kids

 This Big Screen Corner Panel  is L shaped making it the perfect room divider to separate one corner of the room for a play room or for a second child when two kids have to share a room.

Paper straw weave screen room divider

This 4 Panel Paper Straw Weave Screen from Target is a lighter weight elegant room divider idea for older and younger children. It folds up for easy storage when it’s not in use. This screen can be folded out in a second and folded back up when you don’t need a barrier.

black and white woven room divider

Target  also has a 4 Panel Black and White Paper Straw Screen that will add a fun and functional divide to any room for kids large or small. This room divider is fun and dramatic, but the black and white color scheme makes it versatile for any space.

penguin print art room divider

Oriental Furniture has several art print room dividers that would be great for older kids. One of our favorites is this Penguin Double Printed Room Divider Folding ScreenIt’s super fun and functional at the same time!

butterfly fairy curtain kids room divider


Looking for something lighter weight? Try out this Fairy Butterfly Print Sheer Curtain Room Divider. It establishes a boundary, but you can still see what’s going on in the whole room.

Having 2 kids share the same space can be trying at times, but a room divider can help them share the same space, but still have their own private area when having separate bedrooms is not an option because of space.

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